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Use Movie-Mine to ...

Find out about a particular movie
Use the search box at the top of every page to lookup any movie title, fast. Results are displayed as soon as you type a portion of the title. Select a choice and you'll be taken immediately to a page with basic info, shortcuts to reviews on many of the best sites, and a place for your own private notes about that movie (if you're logged in).
Get ideas about which movies to watch
Our eminent critic, Rusty the Prospector, has assembled an extensive list of highly recommended movies, including a breakdown by decade and a breakdown by genre. Those pages also contain links to pages on a number of prominent sites, showing their top rated movies in the corresponding category.
Make my own movie lists
As a registered (free) user, you can attach your own notes and annotations to any movie, and use that information to produce a variety of reports. For example, you can maintain your own, ranked "watch list" of viewing candidates. Use your watch list to help populate your Netflix DVD queue, select video rentals or purchases from any source, or quickly decide which movie to stream whenever the opportunity arises. Also you can generate reports to keep track of the movies you've seen, when you saw them, and how you rated them.

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