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If you have not logged in, the options available to you are limited to title, release year, and Rusty's rating. As a logged-in user, you have many more options pertaining to your own notes and annotations, and you can build a customizable list of your reports. When you first log in, the Reports menu lists some examples of reports you can produce. You can add, delete, or modify reports appearing in the menu, including their titles and various settings controlled by the form at the bottom of each report page. These reports enable you to review movies that you have annotated, with options for sort order, selection of columns, and various row restrictions. The following columns of information apply:

Use the Next or Previous button to generate the following or preceding page of results. Alternatively, you can enter the initial row Offset, i.e. to skip over that number of rows. The Limit option is the maximum number of rows to display per page of output. (*: The Advanced checkbox toggles display of less frequently used options, primarily for administrative purposes.)

For an existing report (Report # > 0) use the Edit button to modify the title, and click Done to complete the change. Use Save to permanently retain the current settings for this report. Use Delete to discard this report, removing it from the Reports menu.

Starting from the Create Report page (Report # = 0), you can add a new report to the Reports menu either by using Edit + Done to enter a new title or clicking the Save button.

Please Login for more options.

Report Settings

Sources - select data source(s) for this report

Order by - select field on which to sort results

Include columns - choose what to show in results

Restrict to - limit results to the following criteria

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