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Dance instructor Penny Carroll (Ginger Rogers) dances with gambler John
Dance instructor Penny Carroll (Ginger Rogers) dances with gambler John "Lucky" Garnett (Fred Astaire).
Lucky's pal
Lucky's pal "Pop" Cardetti (Victor Moore) chats with Penny's friend Mabel Anderson (Helen Broderick).

Thumbnail for Swing Time (1936) Swing Time (1936)

Basics Critics:90Viewers:72Rusty:80
Category: Comedy, Music/Musical, RomanceNotable as: Musical comedy, Award-Winning WorkSub-Category: Musical, Comedy, Romance Film, Musical comedyNarrative location: New York CityRuntime: 103 - 104 minutesLanguage: English, FrenchCountry: United StatesDirector: George StevensScreenwriter: Howard Lindsay, Allan ScottMusic: Jerome KernCinematography: David AbelStars: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Eric Blore, Victor Moore, Helen Broderick, Frank Jenks, Harry Bernard, Georges Metaxa, Betty FurnessProducer: Pandro S. BermanStudio: RKO PicturesAwards won: National Film RegistryAward details: (details at IMDb)

Swing Time is a 1936 American RKO musical comedy film set mainly in New York City, and starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. It features Helen Broderick, Victor Moore, Eric Blore and Georges Metaxa, with music by Jerome Kern and lyrics by Dorothy Fields. The film was directed by George Stevens. Swing Time is considered by Arlene Croce to be Astaire and Rogers' best dance musical, a view shared by John Mueller and Hannah Hyam. It features four dance routines that are each regarded as masterpieces of their kind. "Never Gonna Dance" is often singled out as the partnership's and collaborator Hermes Pan's most profound achievement in filmed dance, while "The Way You Look Tonight" won the Academy Award for Best Original Song and went on to become Astaire's most successful hit record, scoring first place in the U.S. charts in 1936. Jerome Kern's score, the second of two he composed specially for Astaire, contains three of his most memorable songs. But while it is considered to be one of Astaire and Rogers' greatest films, the film's plot has been criticized as has the performance of Metaxa. More praised is the acting and dancing performance of Ginger Rogers.

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