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Thumbnail for The Beast (1988) The Beast (1988)

Basics Critics:39Viewers:71Rusty:77
Category: Drama, WarNotable as: DramaSub-Category: War film, DramaMain subject: Cold WarNarrative location: AfghanistanRuntime: 104 - 111 minutesColor: colorLanguage: Pashto language, EnglishCountry: United StatesDirector: Kevin ReynoldsScreenwriter: William MastrosimoneMusic: Mark IshamCinematography: Douglas MilsomeStars: George Dzundza, Jason Patric, Stephen Baldwin, Steven Bauer, Don Harvey, Erick Avari, Erick Avari, Chaim Girafi, Shoshi Marciano, Yitzhak Ne'eman Producer: Gil FriesenStudio: Columbia PicturesAward details: (details at IMDb)

The Beast is a 1988 American war film directed by Kevin Reynolds and based on a William Mastrosimone play Nanawatai. The plot concerns a Soviet T-62 tank lost during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The movie has enjoyed a cult-favorite status in spite of its low box office statistics.

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