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Traitorous Lord Wolfingham (Henry Daniell) crosses swords with English privateer Geoffrey Thorpe (Errol Flynn), captain of the Albatross.
Traitorous Lord Wolfingham (Henry Daniell) crosses swords with English privateer Geoffrey Thorpe (Errol Flynn), captain of the Albatross.

Thumbnail for The Sea Hawk (1940) The Sea Hawk (1940)

Basics Critics:72Viewers:72Rusty:78
Category: Action/Adventure, Drama, RomanceNotable as: Action/AdventureSub-Category: Black-and-white, Swashbuckler film, Adventure Film, Action Film, Action/AdventureMain subject: piracyRuntime: 122 - 127 minutesLanguage: EnglishCountry: United StatesDirector: Michael CurtizScreenwriter: Seton I. Miller, Howard E. KochMusic: Erich Wolfgang KorngoldCinematography: Sol PolitoStars: Errol Flynn, Brenda Marshall, Claude Rains, Donald Crisp, Flora Robson, Alan Hale, Henry Daniell, Una O'Connor, James Stephenson, Gilbert Roland Producer: Henry Blanke, Hal B. WallisAward nominations: Academy Award for Best Art Direction, Black and White
Academy Award for Best Score, Adaptation or Treatment (Erich Wolfgang Korngold)
Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing
Academy Award for Best Special Effects
Award details: (details at IMDb)

The Sea Hawk is a 1940 American Warner Bros. feature film starring Errol Flynn as an English privateer who defends his nation's interests on the eve of England's fight against the Spanish Armada. The film was the tenth collaboration between Flynn and director Michael Curtiz. The film's screenplay was written by Howard Koch and Seton I. Miller. The sparkling and rousing musical score is recognized as a high point in Erich Wolfgang Korngold's career. The film was digitally colorized in 1991. Colorized versions have been broadcast on American television and distributed on VHS tape, but only the black-and-white versions, both edited and restored/uncut, have been released in DVD formats. Currently there are no plans to release the digitally colored version on DVD.

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