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Thumbnail for Diva (1981) Diva (1981)

Basics Critics:76Viewers:70Rusty:77
Category: Drama, Mystery/Noir/ThrillerSub-Category: thriller film, film adaptation, drama filmNarrative location: ParisRuntime: 123 minutesColor: colorLanguage: French, EnglishCountry: FranceDirector: Jean-Jacques BeineixScreenwriter: Jean Van Hamme, Jean-Jacques Beineix, Daniel OdierBased on: DivaMusic: Vladimir CosmaCinematography: Philippe RousselotStars: Frédéric Andréi, Richard Bohringer, Jacques Fabbri, Gérard Darmon, Dominique Pinon, Wilhelmenia Fernandez, Patrick Floersheim, Roland Bertin Producer: Claudie Ossard, Serge SilbermanAward details: (details at IMDb)

Jules, a young Parisian postman, secretly records a concert performance given by the opera singer Cynthia Hawkins, whom he idolises. The following day, Jules runs into a woman who is being pursued by armed thugs. Before she is killed, the woman slips an audio cassette into his mail bag...

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